Lighthouse Labradors


Boradors Which Witch


(BISS Ch. Borowick's Quest x Borador's Just Another Witch) 

January 6 1997


Witchy is a lovely bitch with loads of type & Personality. 

Witchy has produced  beautiful off spring wirh her same wonderfulqualities. 

Five of who are now champions.

 There are many garand childern who are doing very well in the ring also.

Witchy with one 4 point major and one 3 point major only needed two
singles to finish herAKC championship.

 Witchy is retired and now thinks she runs the Kennel.

 That is when she is not Taking a Snooze. 

Lighthouse Labradors

Boradors Which Witch
Date Whelped 8/15/1997
SN46693001 (02-02) Ylw

Sire CH. Borowick's Quest SN02342407 (05-94) Ylw #V22441 LR-EL3479M43 LR-9373 GDC3678E13N GDC3678H13N LR-71861G43M Sire CH. Borowick Cedar Hill Nitecap SF981533 (03-92) Ylw LR-EL551M25 LR-47115G25M Sire CH. Valleywood Nighthawk SF717876 (11-90) Blk LR-EL209M24 LR-7333 LR-41056G24M Sire BISS CH. Marshland Blitz SE116155 (6-85) Blk LR-25371G41M
Dam Valleywood Crow Haven Fiddle SD564865 (01-87) Ylw LR-17702
Dam CH. Cirques Curtin Call SE840327 (10-89) Ylw LR-30588G26F Sire INT. WLD. AM/CAN/ENG/FR CH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle SE260551 Ylw LR-19985-T
Dam Shadowvale Just A Lovesong SD457602 (07-87)
Dam Borowick's Beatrix SM74488701 Ylw Sire Tabatha Borowick Shooter SF334795 (7-90) Ylw LR-36221G24M Sire Wyndcalls Druid O'tabatha SE847195 Blk LR-30972G26M
Dam CH. Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC SE060992 (03-87) Ylw LR-22130
Dam Borowick's Midnight Lace Sire Allegheny Mctabish
Dam Wc Borowicks Splendor
Dam Borador's Just Another Witch SN17440101 (10-97) Ylw LR-EL4286F28-T LR-76452F28F-T Sire Wingmstr's Just Another Fella SE778746 Ylw LR-28577G24M Sire Wingmaster's Yellow Fella SD981632 (4-85) Ylw LR-20628 Sire CH. Bold Aaron SC902151 Ylw LR-13074
Dam Briary Windstar SB898372
Dam Jennifer's Sugar Kane Lady SD900394 Ylw LR-21514G45F Sire CH. Wingmaster's Raisin Kane SC532904 (3-80) Ylw LR-10004
Dam Marlybone Maggie SD419441
Dam Borador's Grindle Goodwitch SF578581 (5-92) Ylw LR-38669G28F Sire CH. Beautawn's Captain Diggorty CD, JH SE301552 Blk Sire AM/CAN/BDA CH. Warringah's Hot Diggorty
Dam CAN CH. SpringField's Native Fancy CD, WC
Dam Borador's Colby SE344284 Sire CH. Boradors Valleywood Vicar
Dam Boradors Babo