Lighthouse Labradors


CH. Lighthouse's Coral Reef


(CH. Surry's Brick in the Wall x Borador's Which Witch)

October 30 2001 


Lighthouse Coral Reef completes her championship in September 2004.

Lighthouse Labradors

CH. Lighthouse's Coral Reef
Date Whelped 10/30/2001
LR-EL21243F25-PI LR-138400F25F-PI

Sire BISS BIS CH. Surry's Brick In The Wall SN74272703 (02-02) Ylw #V259453 NORMAL
LR-29747 LR-126435G26M-PI
Sire CH. Langshott Gale Force From Kim Valley SN47210501
(03-98) Ylw #V32797
LR-EL8156M27-T LR-19417 GDC13205E21N GDC13205H21N LR-95376G27M-T
Sire ENG CH. Sandylands Gad-about KCR0579CG Ylw Sire ENG CH. Sandylands My Guy KCSB0703BZ Blk
Dam Sandylands Bliss KCSB5392CA Ylw
Dam Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott KCRU4608101404 Blk Sire Newinn Oak Leaf At Kimvalley KCSB4531CE Blk LR-23074
Dam Kimvalley Last Fling KCRS1065201S02 Blk
Dam BISS CH. Castlewood Whyaskwhy At Surry SN20747205 (05-98) Ylw
Sire Ranbourne This Bud's For You SF450101 (02-91) Blk Sire AM/CAN/BDA CH. Bradking Rangeways Mr Chips SE666001 (03-87) Ylw
Dam CH. Shadowvale's Jill At Ranbourne SE416000 Blk
Dam CH. Sumo's A-Hoy All Decked Out CD SM99472106 (02-95) Blk LR-57789G24F Sire CH. Dickendall A-Hoy SG037133 Blk
Dam Hennwood's Ndiyo Asante Sana SF792190 Ylw
Dam Boradors Which Witch SN46693001 (02-02) Ylw
Sire CH. Borowick's Quest SN02342407 (05-94) Ylw #V22441 LR-EL3479M43 LR-9373 GDC3678E13N GDC3678H13N LR-71861G43M Sire CH. Borowick Cedar Hill Nitecap SF981533
(03-92) Ylw LR-EL551M25
Sire CH. Valleywood Nighthawk SF717876 (11-90) Blk LR-EL209M24 LR-7333 LR-41056G24M
Dam CH. Cirques Curtin Call SE840327 (10-89) Ylw LR-30588G26F
Dam Borowick's Beatrix SM74488701 Ylw Sire Tabatha Borowick Shooter SF334795 (7-90) Ylw
Dam Borowick's Midnight Lace
Dam Borador's Just Another Witch SN17440101 (10-97) Ylw LR-EL4286F28-T
Sire Wingmstr's Just Another Fella SE778746 Ylw LR-28577G24M Sire Wingmaster's Yellow Fella SD981632 (4-85) Ylw
Dam Jennifer's Sugar Kane Lady SD900394 Ylw
Dam Borador's Grindle Goodwitch SF578581 (5-92) Ylw LR-38669G28F Sire Beautawn's Captain Diggorty SE301552
Dam Borador's Colby SE344284